Inventory Optimisation

Reduce Costs, Increase Sales, Reduce Stock-outs

Forecasting utilising AI

Sales & Operations Planning

Demand Planning

Supply Planning

Inventory Optimisation

Making sure you can fulfil orders

on Time,

In Full,

whilst minimising Stock

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Alerts - Manage by Exception

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OMS alerts 20200307.png
OMS Dashboard 20200327.png

Dashboards for Strategy

Detailed Product-at-Location level Analysis

Product Forecasting for every item at every location

Reductions in Products Out of Stock      

Overstock Control and Visibility

Reduction in Expedited Freight Costs  

Improved Inventory Management    

Bill of Material planning functionality  

Supplier Forecasts        

Range Performance Reviews  

Budget Management -   Sales Forecasts  

Cash Flow Forecasting

Distribution Planning  

Promotions Planning functionality